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The East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority Water and Wastewater Laboratory

LabThe East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority’s (EWMUA) laboratory, located at the wastewater treatment plant on Millstone Road, is one of very few authority labs in New Jersey that are certified by the NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection for testing of both drinking water and wastewater analyses.  On a daily basis our skilled and dedicated staff collects and analyzes numerous samples to monitor performance of the water and wastewater systems and to protect the health of residents and the environment.  Testing is conducted using a number of physical, chemical, and microbiological methodologies.  Analytical instrumentation used at the EWMUA laboratory has the capability to detect very small amounts of bacteria and analytes of concern, some as low as the part per million and part per billion levels.

Public water systems and wastewater treatment facilities must comply with numerous federal and state regulations and permitting programs.  Within these programs, limits exist for the quality of the drinking water supplied and the wastewater treatment plant’s effluent discharged to the receiving waters.  The laboratory conducts the analyses that are required by the regulatory authorities to determine compliance with the established limits.  In addition, the laboratory supports the water and wastewater operational staff by processing daily routine samples. These daily samples for both water and wastewater provide valuable process control and plant performance data at various steps of the treatment process.

Quality control and accuracy of laboratory analyses are essential to the validity of data generated by a laboratory.  The EWMUA’s laboratory participates in the NJDEP’s accreditation and auditing program for environmental laboratories.  By participation in NJDEP’s accreditation and auditing program the EWMUA ensures that the analyses are reliable and are conducted using rigorous protocols for good laboratory practices.

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