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East Windsor Municipal Utilities Authority | 7 Wiltshire Drive | East Windsor, NJ 08520 | Phone: (609) 443-6000

East Windsor MUS, New Jersey, Municipal Utilities Authority Constructed in 1991, the treatment plant is capable of treating 3.35 million gallons of water per day. An on site state certified laboratory monitors the quality of both the community water supply and the treated wastewater. The EWMUA water reclamation facility won the 1995 Environmental Protection Agency’s award for operations and maintenance excellence.

Ten pump stations and more than 75 miles of pipe, located throughout the township, convey wastewater to the treatment plant. A program of pump station rehabilitation and construction was undertaken during the 1990’s resulting in a complete modernization of the wastewater collection network.

EWMUA’s water and wastewater facilities consistently exceed state and federal standards for treatment. The administrative and operations staff take great pride in providing the highest level of customer service.

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